• Multi-Point System Check. Sem’s Duct Cleaning will perform a thorough pre-check of your air duct system and its operations.
  • We Treat Your Home With Care. When you hire us for a cleaning project, we make use of drop sheets, corner guards, moving blankets, and register covers for your furniture and floor protection.  
  • Full System Clean. When you hire Sem’s Duct Cleaning for a cleaning service, we clean the Furnace Blower and Blower Housing.
  • Dual Zone Cleaning. Each of your air duct system is cleaned in “zones”, while using safe cleaning methods.
  • Professional Finishing. Sem’s Duct Cleaning will wipe down the outside of your furnace and seal the access panels for convenient access in the future.


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Before we begin the cleaning process, our specialists will perform a complete inspection of your HVAC system. Since every home in Richmond Hill has its own special features, our tech thoroughly evaluates the problems with your air duct. This process has to be carried out before we begin or choose the best and safest method of cleaning your  furnace. Once the inspection is completed, Sem’s Duct  specialist will help you by carefully explaining the processes involved in the cleaning process.

Sem’s duct cleaning will use safe furnace and air duct cleaning methods to deliver the benefits of direct surface cleaning. The process involves the use of old-style brush cleaning, and the safety of modern pneumatic cleaning systems.

When you hire the services of Sem’s Duct Cleaning service in Richmond Hill, we offer you the best services in furnace cleaning and at no extra charge!

Common problems that building owners in Richmond Hill experience

We are the duct cleaning company in Richmond Hill that can deliver excellent results

  • Uneven or poor airflow
  • Inhabitants begin to experience allergies, and other respiratory issues
  • Unpleasant smell
  • Your home gets too dusty quickly
  • Extreme energy bills

You can call any of Sem’s Duct Cleaning specialists to understand how the inspection and cleaning in Richmond Hill works.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning is a modern age duct cleaning company with experience made for the modern age!


Reduced periodic repairs

Scheduled and regular maintenance will greatly reduce the possibility of unplanned and costly repairs. However, it is somewhat impossible to avoid all HVAC repair situations.

Increased energy efficiency

According to Whole Building Design Guide, 39% of the energy used in commercial buildings is from Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning equipment.

Extended equipment lifespan

Equipment with dirty coils & clogged moving parts require much energy to work. Hence, causing a burn-out and possible failure.

Improved air quality

Having dirty coils and blower parts in your AC  system can result in pollution and, as a result, reduce the quality of indoor air.


Our services:

We operate in buildings:

  • Warehouses, Industrialbuilding & Commercial spaces

  • Business Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor

  • Retail stores, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Coffee shops, Gym, Small production spaces & Manufacturing, Laundry

  • Medical buildings & Hospitals, Seniors homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes

  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares

  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties

  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts, apartment building

  • Post-construction buildings, houses, apartments, condominium buildings

    *If your building isn’t listed above, you can contact us to inspect the place before making preparations for the cleaning process.


Why Trust Sem’s Duct Cleaning In Richmond Hill For Your Air Duct Cleaning?

To meet the needs of our numerous clients, Sem’s Duct Cleaning employs professional technicians, personally picked from Richmond Hill. Happily, we assure you that our team members are professionally capable of using all equipment and other modern gear available in the workshop and market. Also, whenever you have questions, our professionals will be available to answer them.

Each time we are called for a cleaning job in Richmond Hill, we ensure that our air duct cleaning services are perfect at the first attempt. Hence, we spend much time in preparation for the task ahead. While preparing, we ensure that all openings, doors and windows are airtight for us to complete the work in the air duct.

To suck out the debris in the ducts, we use our truck-based blast vacuum to create suction in the ducts. Using this methods, we can suck out all dirt, debris, and allergens quickly, eliminating all dirt in your home or office.

After sucking out the dirt, we use our 300psi scrubbing equipment to eliminate any leftover debris. Our professional equipment is powerful and can remove all remnants of debris without damaging or scratching the surface of the duct.

Immediately we conclude scrubbing the ducts, we begin air-washing all drops, filters, blower fans and other components of the air handler. We will also install a galvanized steel access panel on each vacuum hose opening before we leave.

Sem’s Duct Cleaning service is known to be top-notch and will irrespective of the circumstance deliver quality work. You can contact us today for a free quote on your duct cleaning project in Richmond Hill.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we ensure

the best technique for cleaning the duct and guarantee a cleaner and healthier air duct when you schedule a cleaning appointment with our professional cleaning team in Richmond Hill.


Blast Vacuum

In performing the duct cleaning service, we use our Truck-Vac system, which is a very popular and powerful method in the Greater Richmond Hill Area. This process will ensure all dust particles and mildew are sucked out.


Skilled Workforce

At Sem’s Duct Cleaning, we offer only the best and well-trained duct cleaning technicians to our clients, hence, guaranteeing satisfaction on every cleaning project.


Planning and Preparation

Before we begin the air duct cleaning process, our cleaning team will prepare a proper course of action to protect your furniture and implement the cleaning. We cover the floors, ensure the fitness of the doors and prepare your furniture for the process –doing so will help keep your furniture in its best condition and avoid the spread of dust.


Air Pressure Cleaning

We use negative air pressure and 8’ vacuum hoses during the cleaning process to ensure that our Truck-Vac extracts every bit of debris into the vacuum bed.

Duct Cleaning Process - main steps by Sem’s Duct Cleaning


Scrub Clean

We also use our 300psi scrubbing tools to ensure the immediate and physical removal of all dust and debris left in your air duct.


Cover Cleaning

Aside from cleaning the insides of the ducts, our team also cleans grill covers and drops for perfect hygiene.


The Cleaning Essentials

A proper cleaning service is not complete without proper air-washing and vacuuming. The process is carried out on the drop, filter box, blower fan, and the cabinet interior of the HVAC system.


The Grand Finale

Finally, at the end of the cleaning process, we will place a new and shiny galvanized access panel on the openings of each vacuum hose.

How To Prepare For Your Cleaning Appointment

About one (1) or two (2) days prior to the appointed date, we will call you to confirm the validity of your details. The details provided include the cleaning address and the quote gotten from you –you could also ask questions on the phone or through email.


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How Often Should I Get My AC Cleaning Done?

The answer to this question greatly depends on the different factors including the preference of the home or office owner. On average, your home or office AC and Ducts should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Here are some factors that might decide the frequency at which your AC is cleaned.

  • The number of smokers living inside the house.
  • The number of pets and the quantity of pet dander clogged in your air vents.
  • If the house has undergone recent remodelling or renovation.
  • The number of allergic family members (i.e. those people who are more prone to dust/molds/contaminant allergy). If there are hypersensitive family members, the frequency of AC Cleaning would, obviously, has to be increased.
  • When the effectiveness of kitchen chimney or the exhaust fans has been compromised. Also, the quantity and the type of food cooked inside the kitchen.
  • Recent damage to the AC Filtration system which led to damage or breakdown of the system.
  • Houses/buildings where the AC’s have been switched off for quite some time.
  • Any signs of mold or related pathogens.

Also, you should make sure that your AC cleaning and inspection is performed and completed when you’re moving into a new property. Remember, you can never be too cautious when it comes to the health of a loved one.

Interesting Facts!!!

Did you know?

  • Air conditioners built before 1931 were too large and expensive for homes. The first air conditioners were six feet in height, and as wide as twenty (20) feet in length. It could hardly fit into the average window ledge. However, it took two inventors H.H. Schultz and J.Q. Sherman to develop air conditioners small enough to use in an average person’s house. It is worth noting that these early models were still larger and much heavier than those of today.


  • There was a striking revolution in the HVAC industry in 1977, when some impressive adjustments allowed air conditioners to carry heat pumps within its structure. Ever since then, we have been able to purchase one unit which takes care of our heating and cooling needs.
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