Keeping The Heater Working Over Winter

February 13, 2019Back to blog
Richmond Hill air duct cleaning

It is that time of the year again when temperatures are set to get to below negative fifty degree Celsius, meaning that this winter will be colder than all the others. To keep yourself cozy, you will need to see to it that your kiln is functioning properly. Sem’s Duct Cleaning recommends regular upkeep of the system so that it can perform optimally and keep everyone in the family heated without using too much energy and raking up bills. In case one has no idea how to go about it, that shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as we have some amazing tips that will offer some guidance.

  1. Early maintenance

Do not wait until it is chilly and the heater has failed to work to get it inspected. Having it checked before the winter season can save you a lot of stress, and money as well.

  1. Visual and smell test

Before going into the inspection, give the system a look over. See to it that the vent pipe is secured, as well as other conduits such as seepage tubes and the coils. Another thing that can easily tell you if there is anything wrong is if there is a certain odor. If there is, then it could most likely be a gas spill, and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Check the thermostat wires

The first thing one ought to do is switch off the power and detach the furnace doors. Then go ahead and inspect the cables and confirm that they are tight and properly fixed. This will keep the unit from experiencing a power shock.

  1. Dust and vacuum

Filth, debris, and other impurities easily find their way into the conduits and the furnace. To keep this from occurring, one can place a soft-tipped paintbrush inside the heater, so that it can keep the dust away and sweep it off. After it had done its job, it can be removed with a portable vacuum.

  1. Wash furnace radar

When grime collects in the fire sensor, it can prevent the whole structure from operating, so it is crucial to have this cleaned at least once in the year. Detach it from the heater, hold it by its base and clean it using emery cloth. Once you are done, put it back in and close the door.

  1. Get in touch with an expert for a proper check-up

Just in case you feel like going through the above is too much, then you could always get in touch with a proficient team such as Richmond Hill air duct cleaning to handle it for you. Without the proper techniques and skill, one could end up causing more harm than good if they attempt to do all the work alone. The professionals will be able to do a proper run down and fix any issues, as well as guide you on how to keep the structure in top shape.

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