Saving Cash By Sealing Air Vents

November 21, 2018Back to blog
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Every homeowner is always looking for ways to cut down on bills and save some money. This is especially so for individuals who have HVAC units installed, as they can take up a lot of energy when they do not run properly, leading to increased utility bills. If this is the case for you, and the bill keeps increasing, then there could be a leak in the piping.

Apart from seeing to it that the filters are switched often, there are other ways that Sem’s Duct Cleaning recommends when it comes to keeping vents safe from impurities. One can get their refrigerant levels inspected, install a top-notch thermostat or even have the conduits sealed. The latter is extremely helpful when it comes to keeping leaks at bay, thus ensuring that the structure is functioning properly, which translates to lower costs.

Pros of sealed vents

Thinking about having the pipes in your abode sealed is a good step, and just in case there are any lingering doubts, here are some positives listed by Toronto air duct cleaning service as to why this is the best idea to keep impurities from gathering and spreading to the home.

  • It increases energy proficiency

When there are leaking pipes in the unit, its efficiency is lowered by over twenty percent as the air that is being circulated may not even get to its destination since there is a leak. The effect of this is that the abode ends up being warmer or colder than hat has been set on the thermostat. Because of this, one will have to leave it on for longer so that it can perform its job, which ends up taking up more energy. With sealed conduits, air flows properly and gets to all the corners.

  • Good excellence indoor air

It is easy for toxins, harmful chemicals and other particles of grime to find their way indoors through leaking vents, thus making it unsafe for the people staying in the abode. By sealing the pipes, it makes sure that these contaminants are kept out of the home, and out of the system as a whole. What this does is better the quality of the air, thus reducing any respiratory issues, as well as eliminating any musky smell that may have been left behind by the filth. Since your health is protected, it keeps you from spending extra money on hospital bills.

  • Added comfort

Once you get the air duct cleaned, it gives a relaxing environment for the whole abode. If there is a leak in the system, then you are most likely to find that some areas in the house are either too hot or cold, which can be quite unpleasant.

Going the extra mile to seal the vents checks that all the rooms are set at the same standard thermostat temperature and that the settings are the same no matter where in the abode one may be. This avoids the need of having the unit operate for a longer amount of time

Vents sealing process

Hiring a proficient crew to come and have a look can be the best thing to do. They go about this by first finding out where the leak is. Once it is found, it is then sealed, and then these experts go over the entire unit to check that things are in order. After this, they insulate the pipes as a cautionary measure to avoid more damage.

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