7 Ways to Prevent Your House from Getting Dusty

August 27, 2018Back to blog
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Houses do get dirty from time to time; however, you may not have all the time to be constantly cleaning. There is various measure one can take to reduce the number of times you clean your house without looking like someone suffering from OCD. These tips are particularly useful during dusty seasons or when the number of household members is increased.

Here are some easy tips on how to restrict dirt from getting into your house:

Restrict Foot Ware Inside the House

Our shoes are basically mobile floors. They get to step on everything hence are likely to carry infectious germs and microbes with them. The idea of removing shoes indoors is not entirely embraced by everyone. However, you can make this easy by providing a shoe rack at the entrance and a sweet polite note requesting the same. This way whoever is against the idea will feel compelled to do so now that he or she would look arrogant or ignorant if they didn’t take their shoes off.

Restrict Free Movement of Your Pet

Animals are not capable of following or reading instructions, neither do they wear shoes. One way of ensuring they don’t bring dirt with them to the house is restricting their movement. This way you can clean their paws whenever they get in and out of the house.

Keep A Doormat

Not only do doormats add on to the aesthetic value of a home, they also avoid dirt from entering the house because people are able to rub dirt off their shoes before entering. They are particularly useful but not restricted to homes whose front doors are often left open. Choose a doormat with a long lifespan and can stand harsh weather conditions. A well-placed doormat helps to clean pets’ feet before entering the house. Invest in one that will make your home feel warm and welcome to your guests as well as help maintain the cleanliness of the floors.

Clean TheDoormat

Since they are mainly laced outside and everyone who comes inside the house wipes their shoes on them, the doormats are likely to have dirt residue and if not cleaned then the next person will get in with dirt from the doormat. Ensure that it’s cleaned once a week. Have at least two this way you can interchange them when one is wet.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Closed

Dirt is likely to come in the house when the windows are open. Especially when you live in a dusty area that is known for being windy. Use good quality glass that allows light into the house. This way you’ll not have to worry about air pollutants from outside as long as the house is well ventilated or has a proper AC.

Clean theAir Vents

Air ventilation work by circulating air from outside and inside the house through filters that trap any dust or pollutants that may be in the air. Failure to clean the ducts means there will be dust particles and debris suspended in the home atmosphere which leads to settling of dust in equipment since the filters and fans were not checked and changed. Be sure to hire Sem’s Duct Cleaning Company for these services at affordable costs. We offer Vaughan Duct cleaning services at reasonable prices to client’s who are in need of maintaining a clean indoor environment. Our company works to ensure customer needs are met first, as a result, most of our clients are from referrals. Visit our website to check on some of the customer’s reviews or to schedule services from the best duct cleaning company in Toronto.