Contributing Factors for Vent Leaks

August 06, 2019Back to blog
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The vent is one of the crucial elements that determine the proper running of a dryer. The underperformance of a vent could cause the leak of moisture, carbon dioxide, and other harmful components into your house that are produced by the operation of the machine. Usually, the ignorance of a leaking channel could result in a drop in the air quality, health issues, and damage to your property caused by fires. In most cases, people rush to replace their vents without identifying the cause of the problem. Doing this replacement on your own by following instructions on the internet leaves you with a higher risk of experiencing the same issues or in an amplified measure. Before you can proceed to take this step, it is essential to know some of the things that contribute to leaks including:

  • Condensation

This issue is mainly a menace when the cold months roll in with snow and dipped temperatures. Even though the dryer is inside the house, the vent exit is placed on the outside, which puts it at risk of being damaged by the cool temperatures. Damage is hastened when the hot air from the vent meets the cold atmosphere outside, which turns it into moisture that can eventually freeze and lead to breakage. Accordingly, it is recommended to insulate the vent when it is being installed.

  • Blockage

Gases are not the only things that are pulled out through the vent and expelled to the outdoors. This device also pulls out fabric particles, the most common being lint. Most of these particles are pushed out into the air, but some of them can get caught in the tube lining. When left to build up over time, these elements could clog the exit, which results in gases and moisture being sent back into the dryer. When it collects, pressure mounts, and it is turned to liquid, which begins to leak. The best option to avoid such instances is to have Hillcrest Village duct cleaning service come in and clear the residue as often as necessary.

  • Holes

A vent is supposed to have only two entry points; the first should be connected to the dryer while the second leads to the outdoors. Cracks on the tube can intimidate the proper expulsion of gases and moisture, which will now be leaking into your home rather than the outdoors. Depending on the magnitude of the breakage, the hole can either be covered up using an insulating material or the channel will have to be replaced altogether.

  • Improper placement

It is always recommended to have your vents directed outside and in a horizontal placement. However, if the gases and moisture are redirected to another closed space in the house such as the attic, the pipe is bound to block at some point, which results in leakage.

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