Is The Household Dryer Posing A Fire Threat?

July 23, 2018Back to blog
Kitchener Air Duct Cleaning

Maintaining your vent is very essential since fabric particles have a tendency to make vents very messy and jammed. Obstructed vents make your home a potential fire peril. Your household dwellers and home may be in danger of a fire which may prompt destruction of property and loss of lives.

Substantial Safety Risks Are Caused by Dryer Vents in Toronto Homes

A massive number of menacing fires that happen in many homes every single year are credited to electric and gas dryers. These flames are caused by blocked and filthy vents in the dryers caused by the amassing of garment fibre in the hose. The build-up of these fibre specks limits space commendably needed to drive out air and gases out of the dryers safely. The gases get ensnared and, in turn, exposes your home to fire hazard triggered by the dryer. Fire not only damages belongings in your home but also cause loss of lives or have severe health effects to homeowners from smoke or burns.

Cautioning pointers that your dryer vent has an issue and needs cleaning

A dryer with an obstructed vent is a potential fire risk. Most homeowners barely know if it’s time to be cleaned. The dryers are never cleaned for a long stretch of time because the homeowners miss the apparent warning signs:

  • Longer cleaning cycles

Obstructed or filthy vent often hinders the regulated expulsion of air through the vent hence reduces functionality habitually makes it grueling for the air to leave the vent. Garments use up more time to dry as dampness is held in the vents while some saturate the dryer. The water vapor and warmth are kept from leaving the dryer’s ventilating unit as expected hence garments that would at first run only one cycle to dry takes in excess of one round. When you start cleansing your wears and it takes an extensive duration to get your vents checked and cleaned.

  • Moldy Odour

If you are washing your garments and they produce a malodorous odor subsequent to drying, the moment has come to get your dryer vents cleaned. Kitchener Air Duct Cleaning often rids the vents of mold that has piled up in the vents. The accompanying sign is having garments strangely hot after they are removed from the dryer.

  • Evident fragments on the vent’s exterior

Apparent remains of dirt at the peripheral of the shut flap is a warning that your dryer is a fire peril. A bolted fold keeps hot air supposed to be ousted from being expelled. The fold is set to systematically open and close circuit breaking the stream of air. The fold also guarantees that air which is cooler from the open-air through the vent viably gets in the machine. Fragments, forms outside a flap that won’t open. That is always a clear indication that it is about time to get them cleaned.

Hose Material

Homeowners in GTA  are advised to use duct metal piping as opposed to the accordion style hose funneling set down vertically. Property holders are commanded to change their vents to avoid the danger of being presented to fire vulnerabilities.

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