Protecting Yourself From Conduit Sanitizing Scams 

August 17, 2018Back to blog
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Believe me, there’s many legitimate vent cleaning service out there, though some enterprises use names of other well-known cleaning services to get clients to book their services. They charge a nominal price for a blow and go service and charge extra without informing homeowners. Air duct sanitization is a task that should be done by professionals with the right tools.

These scams happen in several ways it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between legit and fake cleaning companies however Sem’s Duct Cleaning has outlined a list of ways to identify these scammers:

1. Like it’s always known when the deal is too good to think twice. These scammers approach homeowners with the most favorable prices that one cannot ignore. This way they lure one into making deals with them. In fact, this is one of the ways to identify these scammers, therefore next time you get a very cheap deal to think twice because there is no way a full home duct cleaning can be cheap.

2. Genuine duct cleaning companies such as Newmarket Air Duct Cleaning Service do not chase their potential clients, unlike the scammers who come door to door to sell services. Well, reputable duct cleaning companies create websites or platforms that allow clients to view their services and get a clear range of their services.

3. One of the most common styles of scamming is that they come pretending to represent other big companies, this is a trick they use where they pretend to be on contract with a large enterprise.

4. Canal cleaning services that are not legit often hire telemarketers who call clients randomly in an attempt to get them to schedule a service. Most of them outsource these telemarketers who contact the potential clients. Some of these numbers have been labeled as spam because people have identified them for selling unwanted services. They have spoofed telephone numbers that show that they are calling from your local area while in the actual sense they are calling from India or Pakistan. To avoid falling victim to this, always use recommended companies for house improvement services. Inquire from your networks about their canal cleaning expenses and compare with what you are being offered. When approached by people claiming to do duct cleaning, tell them that you are still thinking about it and go inquire for a second opinion before scheduling. Do not agree to book for any services via phone as they will ask you for booking charges and this might end up being a scam. Always search for several companies before settling for any and compare their range of services, if you notice a major difference in charges be sure that the cheapest is likely to be a scam. Research about a company through their website and check their reviews, contact them and inquire more about their services before booking a service.

Canal cleaning service cons are well arranged to the point that they look genuine. Whenever you suspect an enterprise isn’t legit do your research online to find out on the existence of the company, avoid cleaning services that come to you, instead, search for one yourself and call them to discuss the terms of their service.

Sem’s duct cleaning company doesn’t poach for clients; our reason for success is mainly attributed to customer referrals. We give the best services in all of Newmarket hence all you have to do is inquire from friends about our services. You can also visit our website to check the range of services.

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