Sorting Things Out After a Fire

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One of the hardest things that could happen to a person is to lose a house from fire. This is the reason why insurances exist. After a house fire, you need to know what things can be saved and what to throw away. This information is necessary not only for sentimental reasons but health-related as well. Here, we list down things you can recover and what you need to throw away.

Throw these things away after a house fire

Any item that is burned, melted, or damaged by the heat of flames should be thrown away. Though these items have sentimental values to us, we need to let go of them.

1. Items made of plastics

Plastics pull in smoke and soot. Even the smallest fire can change the composition of plastics making them dangerous to keep.

2. The fire exposed canned goods and boxed foods

Open and unopened boxed foods and canned goods must be discarded due to smoke and flame exposure. Anything that is contaminated or exposed to flames and smoke is dangerous if eaten.

3. Medical products

With the danger of smoke and soot contamination, medical products must be thrown away too. These items might be expensive but the risk of taking them is not really worth it. Get a new prescription and supplies and never take those affected by the fire.

4. Clothing and fabrics

Burned or charred clothing and fabrics are obviously useless after a fire. But in some cases, there are still some left after a house fire. Clothing and fabrics that have little burns or damage can be taken but make sure you wash them properly.

5. Furniture

To prevent accidents, do not take damaged furniture. These items affected by fire may collapse at any time which can cause accidents. Furniture with minimal damage can be reused but make sure the damage is fixed.

What can be saved after a house fire?

1. The house

As long as the structure and the foundations are not destroyed, your house can still be restored. The house needs to be checked by professionals to know whether it can be restored or turned down and rebuilt. Either way, it is still expensive, which is why insurance is important in cases like this.

2. Clothing and fabrics

As mentioned earlier, burned and charred clothing and fabrics cannot be saved. For items that are not affected by the fire, wash them with the appropriate solution to remove the smell of smoke.

4. Appliances

These items that survive the fire must be checked first by electricians to know if they could still be used. There might not be fire damages but it is possible that damages are caused by water. To be sure, let them be checked before another accident happens due to faulty wirings.

5. Furniture and fixtures

Furniture made of glass or metal may survive the fire since it needed extreme heat to deform. Although it may seem intact, they may blacken due to charring. You can save these items by washing them with soap and vinegar, then sand the surface and repaint.

Never save items that could put your health at risk. Ask professionals before doing something you’re not sure of. These damaged and broken items can still be replaced. The most important thing is you and your family are safe and that is all that matters.

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