Ways To Do Away With Dirt In The House

September 26, 2018Back to blog
vacuuming the floor

It always looks like there is a new dust problem to be dealt with on a daily. Be it dust bunnies gathering on furniture, HVAC vents full of grime or mountains of dust on tables and chairs. Trying to clean all this regularly can be tiring, but the good news is that there are things one can do to prevent having to deal with this every day.

Re-evaluate your dusting methods

According to Newtonbrook air duct cleaning, the most common reason as to why people cannot seem to work through removing all of the dirt is how they handle the process. One of the biggest faults is dry dusting. Grime, pollen and other contaminants gathering in the house are dry elements, and therefore dry dusting does not get free of them: all it achieves is transferring the impurities from one place to another, going up into the air only for it to settle in the same spots again.

To combat this try wet dusting. Some individuals prefer not to hire the services of expert duct cleaners, ask for help or are worried about VOCs. That is also okay because there are lots of alternatives in the market, even others that one can mix up using natural household implements like mixing water and cider vinegar and get the dust cleaned out.

Make a No-Shoes area

Popular belief, indoor air can get more polluted with filths as compared to the air outside, and the second this happens, this grime and grime gathers in ducts, surfaces, furniture, and even clothing and stays there since there is essentially no way for it to go out. Shoes are the biggest menace on matters about dust getting into homes because once people get inside with them, they bring in all the dust that has accumulated on them all day. The best thing to do is to make a policy where everyone leaves their shoes at the door, thus preventing them from bringing dirt in.

Wash floors habitually

Apart from glass objects, floors also have an affinity for dust, and if they are not washed and mopped often, this dust adds up and reduces the air quality in the house. Vacuum and mop at least twice per week, and just in case it is too much work for one person, create a timetable and list days for each family member to help out.

Book a date to have your vents cleaned

Furniture, clothes, and floors are not the only spaces where grime gathers. When it finds its way into the house, it also goes into the air vents. Since the closed loop of the HVAC system takes in and cycles the air inside it also takes in the grime, pollen, and mold, which then add up and contaminate the air. One way to deal with this is to get certified duct cleaners like Sem’s Duct Cleaning to do away with the contaminants and make the air better, and the house cleaner.

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