Ways to Conserve Energy Through Ensuring Your Vent Is Clean

August 28, 2018Back to blog
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Several factors lead to an increase in household utility. Managing electricity consumption in your household reduces electricity bills. This can be achieved by inspecting the appliances in your home or office and identifying reasons as to why they are costing you so much electricity. Do not be surprised when the main cause of power bills is as a result of the Air circulation appliance installed at home or office. In such an instance, identifying the root cause of the sudden increment is the only solution. Usually, such occurrences are due to poorly maintained or fitted vents, hence leading to heat loss. Houses that are not properly insulated lose energy to the outside environment causing the system to use up more power to maintain the desired temperatures. To ensure you save on paying absurd electricity bills it’s advisable to hire professionals to do the installation or inspection to ensure the preexisting system functions efficiently. Cleaning of vents also contributes to ensuring less energy consumption to reduce the amount of energy. This is because dirty vents cause strain to the air conditioner as the fans and filters are covered with debris hence air does not flow easily. Sem’s Duct Cleaning Company not only ensures your air ducts are clean but also gives tips on ways to conserve energy.

Utilize Natural Air and Heat

Air conditioning appliances distribute fresh air by exchanging the exterior air with the interior one. However, persons who have these fitted become overly dependent on the appliance to the point where they forget what windows and door are for. To conserve power, turn off the air conditioner and utilize openings and ventilation to bring in the cool air particularly during summer time.

Prioritizing of rooms to Warming or Cool

Small households can save on energy by selecting on commonly used spaces. This can be done by blocking vents to rooms that seldom need air conditioning. This saves the appliance from using a lot of power to warm unoccupied areas.


Insulation is one of the ways heat is retained in the required areas, Cooled or Warm air is likely to escape if there is no appropriate lining in your house. Suitable air conditioning systems need to have appropriate lagging to ensure that it doesn’t lose heat. Ensure you insulate your walls, attic as well as vents to void losing heat. Fitting windows with a double glazed glass prevents heat loss due to the vacuum between the glasses. Have professionals to do the insulation for you to retain heat or cold in your space.

Service your Unit

Simple maintenance checks of the unit help to identify any problems that may have raised after professionals checked the system. It can be as simple as removing pesky tree residues or tree seeds that may have dropped into the unit and got stuck in the filters. Conducting these constant checks will enable the system to work efficiently since there will be reduced chances of residue building up the filter hence affecting its performance.

Another technique to maintain the temperature in your house during winter is to fit carpets of the floors curtains and draught excluders they will prevent loss of heat through the floors and keep the house warm through the season.

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