Signs that an Air Duct System Needs Cleaning

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  • Have you ever noticed your house being too dusty in just a short period of time?
  • Or no matter what product you spray and vaporize, unpleasant smells still linger?
  • Or have your electricity bills keep getting higher and higher?
  • If yes, then you need to check your air duct system immediately.

Your air duct system is an integral part of the house. It supplies breathable air for the people living inside. Air must be clean and free from harmful substances that cause health problems.

A house or a building can be sick too. That is in the form of a dusty and dirty air duct system. And the effects of a sick house/building on people aren’t good. So, how would you know if your house is sick? The following are signs that immediate actions are needed to respond to your house’s sickness.

Air Vents Covered in Dust and Dirt

Air ducts are meant to be hidden but not ignored. The most visible part of it is the air vents. Having covered with dust and dirt is a sign that your air duct system is asking for treatment. Soon after an air duct cleaning, you will notice the big difference and all the problems you are getting from your air ducts will immediately disappear.

Clogged Air Filters

Just like the air vents, air filter clogging is another sign of dusty and dirty air ducts. Replacing air duct filters too often means there is too much dust and dirt inside that filters get clogged too soon. Instead of buying filter sheets for replacement every so often, you may consider having an air duct cleaning service provider instead.

Air Ducts Giving Off Foul Smell

You might notice at times that there is an unpleasant smell lingering inside your house. If these occur too often, you need to inspect to find out the source of that smell. Oftentimes, these are caused by your air duct system. Dust, dirt, and debris create an unpleasant smell that is released inside your house. Air fresheners will work but only for a couple of hours. You must fix the source of the smell so that it won’t make your house smell bad anymore.

Insufficient Air Flow

Airflow circulation inside your house should be equally distributed. If you are experiencing poor airflow, it might be because of clogged air ducts due to dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful particles building up inside it. Clogged air ducts also cause the air to become contaminated with too many harmful particles.

HVAC Covered with Molds and Mildews

The most important part of an HVAC system is the main engine. This engine is the one responsible for producing heat on cold days and cool air on hot days. Its purpose is to provide clean and quality indoor air for the family. Molds and mildews present inside and out of the machine are a clear indication that the whole system is functioning poorly. For this reason, it must be cleaned, fixed, and well-maintained to prevent damages.

Air Duct Infestation

Insects and pests coming in and out of the vent is another sign that your air duct system needs professional cleaning. Service providers are equipped with the right tools and equipment to eliminate pests and insects that if ignored will cause health problems. Aside from the smell, pests, and insects leave allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing microbes that affect the health of your family.

Increase in Electricity Bills

As your HVAC system becomes filthy, the machine requires more energy to function properly. This is one of the causes of engine breakdown. Therefore, electricity runs higher compared to prior months. A clean and well-maintained HVAC system is the key to a lower electricity cost and a quality producing air for the whole family. This will also keep you from spending more money on repair works.

Unusual Noise Coming from the System

Unusual noises coming from your HVAC system indicate that it is having a hard time functioning due to dirt and debris inside it. It might also cause you for a repair if not fixed immediately. A technician must be present for proper cleanup and maintenance. And hopefully saves you from spending money on repairs.

If a lot of these signs occur, this means that you and your family are at risk of having health problems if not addressed immediately. This might also cause your machine to break down if not fixed as soon as possible. And there is where we enter. We, at Sem’s Duct Cleaning Services, are full of professional staff that are experts in these types of cleaning and maintenance. We provide the best cleaning job and will deliver the best results.

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