Air Duct Pollutants

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Most people forego the cleaning of their air ducts frequently due to the assumption that they are clean. The maintenance of these channels is highly advocated to not only keep the rest of your house clean but also ensure that your health is promoted. These areas tend to harbor elements that are toxic and could cause serious health issues down the road. Many people lack knowledge about the kind of contaminants that can riddle vents, which is why they can go for long without knowing of their presence. Air duct cleaning services in Unionville provide information on these contaminants that can be a headache if not pulled out of your ducts in good time.


The kind of pollutants found in air vents fall in two categories, the first one being that of debris. This class of elements holds things like dust, which can be blown in from outside or come from some of the belongings in your home, such as carpets. If you have:

  • a dog,
  • cat,
  • or any other kind of pet,

– their fur or dander can also end up in the channels. Humans can also be a source of debris since dead skin cells are bound to come off from time to time.

Debris, when looked at in small amounts, may not appear to be a source of trouble, but it can quickly cause problems when given time to accumulate. When dirt enters the vents, it creates a thin layer in the metal that continues to build up as time goes by. The real issue begins when you run the air conditioning system since they are blown up and back into your house in large quantity. Their small size makes them easy to breathe, which can result in:

  • allergic reactions and
  • other respiratory irritations such as sinuses.

These conditions continue to manifest and can even become worse if the issue is not dealt with as soon as it is found out.

The debris category also holds other articles that could result in more bodily damage than pet hair and dead skin cells, including fiberglass and asbestos. The latter is primarily found in paint. These elements pose more significant threats to one’s health, which can result in lung conditions that last long. Therefore, it is advisable to have your vents cleaned once a home project has been completed to avoid such problems in the future. Additionally, ensure you hire the services of professionals like Sem’s Duct Cleaning service to ensure you get the best quality cleaning.

Living Organisms

The conditions in vents provide a conducive environment for fungus such as mildew and mold to breed. Having several layers of debris provides perfect ground to settle while moisture from condensation or a leak in the system completes the disastrous recipe. The fungus taking root is only the beginning of your problems since the HVAC system facilitates its spread around the house. Once it is turned on, the pores from the organism spread into the home and take root in other areas where it continues to grow.

In most cases, a mold issue is hard to spot at the beginning. However, when the spread is significant, a foul smell may fill your house. Letting it continue growing can cost you a lot of money on cleaning it out and getting your health back on track.

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