Maintaining Pest-Free Air Ducts

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Pests such as rats, cockroaches, and insects are a menace for most homeowners. Most of these issues can be solved with the use of pesticide solutions or traps. However, little progress will be made if these animals make a home out of your ductwork. The small and airy nature of vents makes them an attraction for rodents and other house pests. Usually, vents that have been properly sealed are inaccessible to these pesky animals. However, a leak in pipes even as small as the size of a penny can see mice, cockroaches, and other organisms slipping through. Once they are inside, they begin breeding and excreting, which not only causes a drop in your air quality but also leaves you with more to clean up than before. Their presence can be especially hard to combat during the hot months, which makes the cool air running through the pipes attractive.

Sealing Entries

One of the best ways to make sure that your ducts are free of any pests is sealing them. This process sees an insulating material placed on the inside of the pipes, which makes sure that any holes and leaks cannot be used as entryways. The material used is ordinarily sturdy, which means it is not vulnerable to breakage. Even so, you can have Maple HVAC cleaning agencies check for any tears each time they come around to clean the tubes.

The process of installing the insulating substance begins with the removal of the vent covers. During this time, the AC should not be running. The covers are then assessed for any areas that are torn or are at risk of opening up, which are covered up. The pipes are then put back in place.

Restricting Pests’ Entry

Ductwork is a convenient way for small organisms to slip in and out of your home without your notice as well as a comfortable spot to settle and breed. Animals like mice have been known to squeeze their way through holes as small as a coin, so even the smallest of entries might cause problems. These animals also have short gestation periods along with others like cockroaches, which means you might end up with an infestation in no time.

Sealing your ducts ensures that you curb this issue before it even begins. Some may reason that poison can be placed in the vents, which will, in turn, kill the pests. However, this will be replacing one problem with another since the foul smell of their carcasses will affect the air in your residence.

Keeping your vents sealed and free of any pests is not challenging when professionals are brought into the picture. Reach out to Sem’s Duct Cleaning company for help with your vents.

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