The Harmful Effects of Indoor Mold and Mildew

October 19, 2021Back to blog
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Molds and mildews play an important role in nature. They break down dead organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves. It’s not really that concerning outdoors, but it is indoors, and if possible, should be extinguished immediately before it spreads. Molds and mildews tend to reproduce by means of tiny spores that are invisible to the naked eyes and float through the air. They begin growing when landed on wet or moist surfaces. Molds and mildews need water to reproduce, destroying parts of your house without you even noticing.

To help you solve the increasing concerns of molds and mildews building up in your very home, we give you these tips on how to get rid of, or at least minimize, molds and mildews.

Mold and Mildew Clean Up

Cleaning up the mold and mildew-infested places depends on its severity. Mild damages can be done individually, however, severe damages must be handled by professional cleaning providers.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to locate and fix the source of the moisture problem that provides breeding grounds for molds and mildews. You can clean moldy surfaces all day but until you fix the problem, it will keep on coming back.
  2. Wear appropriate protective gear before handling the damaged materials. A good respirator with triple-seal and a filter cartridge would be best. Wear long protective gloves at least elbow length. And to protect your eyes, use clear and wide goggles.
  3. Remove moldy materials carefully. Rough handling of moldy objects could cause more harm. If not carefully handled, spores and particles will mix into the air which can be inhaled. Also, it will spread even further inside your house.
  4. Close off ventilation grills with polyethylene sheets and duct tape before you start removing or cleaning to avoid mold and mildew residue further circulate indoors.
  5. Remove furniture and other objects that are unaffected away from the damaged materials.
  6. Prepare a trash bag and carefully put the damaged materials inside and seal it immediately.
  7. Scrub the remaining affected surfaces with half part household bleach solution.

How to Prevent and Control Molds and Mildew

Molds and mildews breed on wet surfaces that might be caused by leaking water pipes or spilled liquids. If you notice leaks or spills, check it immediately. Clogged roof gutters can also cause leaks. Keeping our roof gutters clean and unclogged prevents water from getting inside.

An air conditioner also creates water drips. Check with your local HVAC technician if a water leak is visible. This is one of the causes of molds and mildew build-up.

Call your Local Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Service Providers

Molds and mildew cause health problems. They produce allergens and toxic substances that when inhaled or touched causes allergic reactions. Some individuals with allergies experience 

  • sneezing, 
  • runny nose, 
  • irritated eyes, 
  • skin rashes and 
  • feverish feeling. 

Molds and mildew particles circulate throughout the house if your air duct system is not properly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning service provides thorough cleaning of your entire air ducts and vent system to make sure harmful particles are removed.

With these reasons, we, at Sem’s Duct Cleaning, believe that a clean and well-maintained air duct plays an important part for the whole family to stay safe and healthy, that clean and quality indoor air should be in every household for healthy living.

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