Assessing the AC Unit When Purchasing a House

October 17, 2019Back to blog
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Purchasing a house is a significant milestone for most people, and it comes with a lot of excitement and emotion. Even so, stress cannot be left out of the equation considering all that needs to be done to ascertain you land the right place without denting your wallet while ensuring everything runs smoothly when settling in. One of the biggest fears shared by new homeowners is having something break down on them that would cost a fortune to fix or replace. Such agitation is understandable considering how costly relocations can be.

Even though not every issue can be foreseen and handled before things escalate, there are some measures you can take to minimize their occurrence. One of the most crucial steps that are advised by the Brampton duct cleaning service providers is having a close look at your HVAC system when carrying out a home inspection. We point out some of the tips you can apply.

  • Take a look at the system

Since the HVAC systems in most homes are typically kept out of site with only their openings being visible to the outside, it is difficult for most people to know what they are looking at let alone identify defects in the system. Therefore, before heading to your new place, conduct research on the components of the unit so that you can quickly identify an issue when you see one.

It is recommended to hire an expert firm such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning to have a look at the system on your behalf since chances are, they can give a better assessment than you can. Ensure that an in-depth inspection is carried out to avoid as many surprises as possible once the home is already yours.

  • Enquire about age

Most quality HVAC systems run for ten to fifteen years, so inquiring about the age of the one in your considered home gives you an idea of how much time it has before a replacement is required. However, there is no need to run for the hills if the unit has been running for a long time. If proper maintenance has been carried out over the years, then it will have a lot longer than a fifteen-year limit left on it.

  • Request information on repairs and upkeep

The proper functioning of an HVAC system for a long time is highly dependent on regular maintenance. Among the best ways, you can tell about the condition of the unit is by asking about how the previous owners carried out maintenance. The question of whether these checks were regular and by a reputable Brampton air duct cleaning company or if the professionals were only called in when there was a problem with the system.

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