What’s in Your Air Vents

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Air ducts and vents are among the vital elements in a home since they help the HVAC system send out the cooled or heated air. However, even with the crucial nature of their inclusion, they are some of the most ignored when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Considering that the average Canadian home is a couple of decades old, there is a good chance that a lot of dirt and debris of all manner is built up in the unit. Since not that many people bring in Richmond Hill air duct cleaning service to clean these areas, the pollutants collect over time, which can result in these companies running into weird things once people decide to consult their services. Here are some of the strangest things firms the likes of Sem’s Duct Cleaning have run into while on the job.

  • Hidden treasures

Since vents are often ignored, most people use them as hiding spots for valuables and forget about them for years. One such incidence occurred a few years back south of the border in the United States when a cleaning company was called in for a job. While proceeding with their duties, they came by a small box placed behind a register that held four hundred dollars. However, instead of ordinary bills, the box contained confederate money, which was used during the civil war and is considered a collector’s item today. The cleaning team handed the box over to the homeowner, who then proceeded to give it to her children. Once cashed out, the bills were worth a whopping one hundred thousand dollars.

A similar incident of finding valuables happened in the same country, but this time, it occurred in a rail car rather than a home. When the air duct cleaners were at work, they came across a whiskey bottle that was clearly from the pre-civil war times. The bottle was handed over to the authorities and currently sits in a museum.

  • Post-construction mess

In most cases, Richmond Hill air duct cleaning companies are called in to check on the HVAC system and clear out any dirt and debris left in the vents. In nearly all cases, duct cleaners have confessed to finding urine bottles in the channels left by construction workers that are too lazy to use the bathroom. Even though it is a gross habit, it is pervasive and found on almost every job of the kind, especially those that are carried out in townhouses. In one case, a bottle containing pee was sucked into the negative air device, which caused the liquid to be sprayed everywhere outside as it hit the power blades. That resulted in an experience the cleaners have described as unforgettably disgusting.

  • Dead pests

The conducive environment created by HVAC systems makes them a hiding spot for animals that can fit through the holes such as rats and mice. It is no surprise that some end up dying in the vents, which can result in contaminated air blowing into the home. One such incident occurred when a client called their duct cleaning company with complaints of a foul smell in their home. Once the experts got there, they opened up the ducts to find out what was causing the strong odor only to find a dead skunk that was riddled with maggots all over.

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