Conduit Upkeep Ideas

December 27, 2018Back to blog
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Saving some time to look through the air cooler on a regular basis can help a lot when it comes to keeping it running meritoriously, and for longer. The good thing is that there are a couple of ways that one can be able to do this before setting up a visit with the experts. Sem’s Duct Cleaning has listed some of them below.

  1. Put in new ones or clean the filters

This is one of the most crucial facets of seeing to it that the air conduit is running efficiently. For one- inch ruched filters, these should be replaced at least every month. Just in case you do not know which filters are compatible with your HVAC structure, you can get in touch with experts who will advise the finest one to purchase. The crew can also inspect, scrub and put in new ones if it is necessary when they come over to do the annual maintenance check. If the unit is used a lot, then it means you will need to check the filters more often. This also applies if there are pets in the abode, or if the neighborhood is a dusty one.

  1. Scrub the loops

The unit’s evaporator and condenser coils pick up filth, which ends up gathering on and in them over time. What this grime does is that it causes a blockage in the system, which then affects the flow of air in the coil. This insulates them, thus making it hard for them to take in the heat. If these coils are set to be on the outside, they may also collect a generous amount of dust, especially if the area is dusty, has a lot of trees, or there is construction being done nearby. So that one does not have to deal with this menace, once you get a competent crew to come for a checkup, they will clean the coils if the dirt is too much.

  1. Get rid of the filth in the system

As time passes by, objects like leaves, grime, and rubble gather both inside and outside the unit, which makes the structure run slower, and also makes it impossible for the air to go in and out properly. To prevent this, check that any shrubs and plants that are near the conditioner are cut down, and also that the scum is cleaned out as these impurities may also find their way into the house, affecting the well-being of the individuals living in the home.

  1. Smooth the coil rudders

The aluminum fins that are set on the evaporator and condenser tend to get bent easily, and this then restricts the flow of air through the coils. Once you have gotten in touch with experts such as Thornhill duct cleaning services, they will be able to come over and straighten them out if there is a need for it.

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