Five Ways To Know The AC Should Be Inspected

January 21, 2019Back to blog
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A lot of individuals begin to experience some issues with their HVAC units at some point, be it the fact that it is not heating, or chilling, or there is a funny smell being emanated from it. If you are unsure as to whether these are signs that the system needs to be checked, here are five guiding ideas by Sem’s Duct Cleaning that can assist you to figure it out.

  1. The structure is not chilling the air

You may start to feel like the house is not getting warm or cold enough according to what has been set on the thermostat. One can test this by putting a palm over the air conduit or cooling register, and if it is warm, then have it inspected. There are a lot of everyday issues that can make the structure give out warm air instead of cold. This problem can cause the energy bill to hike, so it is crucial to repair it as soon as possible.

  1. It makes a lot of noise when it is turned on

Naturally, the HVAC should not make any noises, so if one starts to hear any grinding, rumbling or buzzing noises coming from the unit, this is a sure sign that it should be looked into.

  1. There is a certain odor in the house

The fastest way to know if the unit requires a tune-up is by the smells in the abode. If one starts to notice a musty odor, then the air vents or the filter needs to be washed. Scum build-up and seepage can make the structure give off a bad smell. Once this happens, it is important that you have it inspected, to avoid mold from getting into the home, or even spending too much on replacing the entire thing if it gets damaged.

  1. The unit is leaking or is damp

This is often hard to spot, but once you start seeing a lot of moisture in the air, or notice that the vents are seeping, then it is a sure sign that the air conditioner needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This may be caused by a refrigerant outflow, which can be mended easily by a qualified crew.

  1. The flow of air is weak

Under normal conditions, one should be able to feel the air being blown out of the vents. Therefore, if you start to see that the flow of air coming from the pipes is not so strong, then it could be a clear sign that the structure requires to be checked. This issue could be as a result of a filthy or blocked air filter. Getting experts such as Etobicoke air duct cleaning services to come over and have a look may also be the best way to cut down on energy bills as it will help the unit run flawlessly.

Once you notice any of the above, and the structure has not been inspected in more than a year, then it is time to have a look.

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