Full House Versus Mobile Humidifiers

July 24, 2018Back to blog
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With winter comes adverse atmospheric conditions that could cause complications in your health thus having quality air during these seasons is paramount. Majority of people develop allergies because of particles that get suspended in the air. Humidifiers are efficient in regulating moisture in your atmosphere to help avoid nasal passage diseases as well as promote comfort regardless of the season. It works by dispensing an invisible delicate vapor that helps to prevent sinuses infections, aggravated respiratory airways as well as cold. Outlined are types of humidifiers plus their advantages as well as disadvantages:

Whole House Humidifiers

These are permanently fixed and linked directly to your water supply. It operates using a hygrometer to measures the moisture then dispenses it to across the premises.


  • Cost Efficient- Besides the initial installment cost, it requires a lot less energy to saturate the whole house compared to the mobile one that works for one room.
  • Constant and ideal levels –Continuous supply of vapor since they are linked to the water supply.
  • Ease of Control/ Maintenance – Very low or high humid air may result in health problems. However, the system detects extreme levels and regulates these levels when they get to extremes.
  • No Damage– With this unit, one avoids such damages as it maintains ideal levels of moisture.
  • Discreet and obscure – It’s up in a way that nobody detects it. Besides that, they are inaudible, unlike other humidifiers.
  • Increases Worth of your home – It increases the selling value and is appealing to potential buyers.


  • Minimum Control– Since it sets moisture levels in the entire premises, other members might not agree with those level besides they cannot choose their preferred humidity for their room.
  • Susceptible to Pollution– Because they’re attached to the water system they’re prone to pollution from impurities in water.

Transportable Humidifiers

These can be carried from one place to another and set to the preferred humidity.


  • Setting up and maintenance- Does not require a professional to set up. After purchasing it, plug it into electricity, put in water then set it to the desired moisture level.
  • Variety Designs– They come in various shapes and sizes hence one can purchase one that can fit into your bag for easy portability. They are designed in several shapes that can act as décor for your room.


  • Constant Maintenance– To elude accumulation of mineral deposits in the sieve it is wise to use purified water instead of tap water.
  • Energy Consumption– They use a lot of energy when working plus considering the purchasing cost.
  • Fire Hazard– Since they are connected to a power source they are likely to cause a fire during a power surge.

Despite the initial fixing cost required for whole house humidifiers, it does not come with additional maintenance system apart from occasionally changing the filter, and this can be avoided by making sure your house uses distilled water.

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