The Future of HVAC: What To Expect in the Coming Years

February 18, 2022Back to blog
Will HVAC be automated

Technology and innovation transformed our lives tremendously. Traditional HVAC technology was dominated by mechanical developments, but electronics are now taking over. Manufacturers can now produce equipment that is more efficient and effective.

With recent developments, HVAC technology is now proceeding towards sustainability, cost efficiency, and enhanced comfort levels by becoming more environmentally-friendly, being more resistant to problems such as pest infestations, using smart technologies and automation, and data analysis.

How can HVAC be sustainable?

Green technologies allow businesses and consumers to become more eco-friendly. As environmental impact has become concerning, sustainability is now the main focus of most industries.

Cutting-edge devices can be costly, so understandably, most homeowners aren’t yet prepared to switch to newer types of HVAC systems. But now, people do realize that green HVAC systems are not only sustainable, but more cost efficient as well. Meaning that energy consumption costs and maintenance expenses can be lowered, making up for the initial cost of the unit.

Looking forward, innovation and product development can positively contribute a lot to the environment. Geothermal heat pumps, solar energy, and smart thermostats are the future of HVAC. One thing’s for sure, the future plans for the HVAC industry is about sustainable energy.

Will HVAC be automated?

The HVAC industry offers a lot of different choices of HVAC systems, some of which are highly automated and a bit pricey. One increasingly popular option is smart HVAC. This highly automated system is capable of heating and cooling the house by learning your preferences over time and adjusting to them automatically, providing just the right amount of airflow to keep you comfortable, without wasting energy. It also considers outdoor temperature in order to provide more air on hotter days and less on colder days.

Automated HVAC systems learn the homeowner’s habits as well. It automatically sets the temperature whether you like it a little warmer in the morning or a little colder at night. Some systems also have motion sensors. It has the capability to detect if a person is in a room to turn it on. This way, no energy is wasted on heating or cooling empty rooms.

Homeowners can also connect to and control their HVAC system even when they’re away. Using an app, you can use your mobile phone to remotely control the temperature. You can even control vents as well, opening and closing them at any time, anywhere.

How can HVAC efficiency be improved?

Energy efficiency is key to the HVAC system of the future. More and more homeowners are preferring ductless systems because of high efficiency and easy installation. It also turns out to be cost effective.

Zoning capability is another benefit of ductless systems. The need for heating or cooling the entire home is now eliminated because the system can simply heat or cool specific rooms. Ductless HVAC systems can be installed from moderate to harsh temperature zones. 

Using smart AC controls, this HVAC system can be more efficient. These smart AC controls enable you to control your HVAC system at any point in time, anywhere. In addition, homeowners can also benefit from smart AC features such as geofencing, scheduling, comfy mode and more.

How can HVAC be sustainable

What is the future of HVAC?

Technology has come a long way. From manual operation to voice command technologies, there is no doubt that the future of HVAC systems will advance more as time goes on.

HVAC is bound to embrace exciting new technologies in the near future. Since smart homes are becoming more and more popular, it is not surprising that many homeowners are adapting to these trends, not only that having an upgrade will make living a bit easier but it also helps financially through energy savings.

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