5 Indicators for a Dirty Duct

August 30, 2018Back to blog
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You may have just fitted your ventilation system or moved to an office and aren’t sure if the ducts had been serviced. Besides the evidence of dust huffing from your canals whenever the AC is on, there are additional indicators that your vents need cleaning:

Unexplainable Increase in Electricity Bill

Air conditioning consumes a reasonable amount of electricity. However, if you notice that there has been an absurd increase in power bills then it’s possible that your vents should be cleaned since the fans and filter may be blocked by dirt and debris hence causing a strain to supply clean air, this causes it to consume more energy than it normally should. You may notice a distinguishable change in bills once the vents have been cleaned, hence don’t just pay bills blindly, find out what is causing the increase, this way you will save on money and improve indoor environment in your office.

Rodent or Insect Infestation

If you notice or smell of rodent droppings, it’s a sign of infested vents. It’s vital to address this issue since they can damage the pipes costing more in repairs. If you hear rodents or insects in your vents, schedule with qualified duct cleaners, as a circulation of their husks and shells can cause diseases.

Respirational Infections

If guests or household members are suddenly portraying symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, irritation of the eyes as well as wheezing. This is a sign that the canals should be cleaned. This happens due to the existence of dust particles in the air. This means the sieves aren’t working effectively and the amount of debris accumulated is beyond its capabilities.

Noticeable Mildew Growth

Highly moist areas are susceptible to old growth hence if you see or smell mold whenever the ventilation system is on, then that means the canals need to be sanitized. People with weaker immunity are likely to have lung complications when exposed to mold. Another sign is increased irritation of the esophagus or eyes. Approach Concord HVAC cleaning service for a comprehensive duct cleaning at your convenience. Do not wait for colleagues to fall sick to book an appointment with us.

Dirt and Debris

By examining the vent registers it’s possible to know when the air ducts need sanitization, if they have thick layers of dust then it means that the ducts are also coated with dust and debris. After identifying these signs it’s important to call professionals to inspect the vents and identify if indeed there is a need for cleaning. Sem’s Duct Cleaning Company offers these services at your own convenience. We have surveyors who come and access your duct and inform you of their opinion as well as give price estimation for the services. We are trustworthy and equipped appropriate equipment for the job and work to exceed your expectations.

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