Tips to Lower Heating Cost in the Winter

December 13, 2021Back to blog
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During the winter season, we love to stay indoors because it is warm, cozy, and comfortable. This is why heating systems become important during cold seasons. With high demand for warmth, a high cost of energy consumption follows. This is actually normal to every household. But did you know that there are a lot of ways to reduce energy bills? Here, we list some of the ways you can follow to lower your energy consumption.

1. Look for air leaks

Check all corners of your house to see if there are holes that leak cold air into your house. Having air leaks lowers the temperature of the house making your heating system work harder to keep up with the right temperature. If there are, try a DIY task of covering them up. It will also save you money from hiring someone to do it for you.

2. Do something with the humidity

During the winter season, cold air pulls out moisture from our skin that makes us feel colder. To keep the humidity inside your house, use a humidifier instead of turning up the heat. This way, less energy will be used. Humidifiers help us stay moisturized so you won’t feel too cold.

3. Seal windows from air leaks

Window air leak is one of the most common causes of heat loss. Cold air coming in from the outside lowers your home temperature. To prevent cold air from seeping in, close the windows tightly by locking them. You can also use clear plastic film to seal gaps. Place them carefully on the edges of the windows before shutting them tightly.

4. Turn the thermostat down

Lowering the thermostat can reduce your heating bills significantly. Before leaving for work, lower your thermostat at around 63°F, as long as no one is inside during the day. You can also lower the temperature during bedtime.

5. Bundle up for the weather

Even when you are inside the house, wear thick clothing that will warm you up if you turn the thermostat a little lower. Still, the goal is to keep you warm and comfortable while saving up heating bills.

6. Cover up the fireplace

Having an open fireplace flue is just like having an open window in your house. Use a fireplace flue blocker or a  chimney balloon to block it effectively. It is easy to remove whenever you decide to start a fire. Using the fireplace is not really that helpful in heating up the house. 80% of heat is released outside which in turn cold air has seeped inside through gaps and holes.

7. Set ceiling fans in reverse

Ceiling fans can be a good help to distribute warm air around the house to lower heating costs. Reverse the fans clockwise to serve as exhaust fans pulling air upward so that trapped warm air in the ceiling will travel down the walls and around the room. Most ceiling fans have a reverse button to turn it the other way. Turning on reversed ceiling fans will not give off a cold breeze but will only stir up the warm air above to go down.

8. Do not block air vents.

If you have furniture blocking the air vents, try rearranging them to remove obstacles that prevent hot air from spreading around the house. Blocking the air vents prevents air from circulating around the house. The heat from the system is absorbed by anything that obstructs the air.

9. Patch up the air ducts.

To prevent warm air from escaping through duct holes and gaps, use foil tapes to patch them up temporarily. These gaps and holes can decrease the air that should be released inside the house. Check your duct if there are visible damages, especially in uninsulated areas like the attic, basement, or garage.

10. The sun as heat source

During the winter, the sun might not always be visible. If the sun is shining during the day, take advantage of it. Open window curtains, shades, or blinds and let the sun’s rays by a source of heat for the house. Close them during the night to provide a layer of insulation against the windows.

These tips are budget-friendly. These can be helpful if you haven’t gotten ready before the winter comes or if damages occur. There are more other ways that can help you stay warm without the need of spending too much money. The goal is still to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible. These tips really do work. Try them and see for yourself the significant amount you can save with the reduced energy consumption.

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