Choosing the Right Air Duct Cleaning Provider

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Almost all the houses nowadays are equipped with HVAC and air duct systems to make their home safe and comfortable. It provides heating during cold seasons and cools on hot days. It also supplies clean air that is free from pollutants outside. For the system to consistently do so, it needs to be checked, cleaned, fixed and maintained regularly.

Upon choosing the right air duct cleaning service provider, there are things you need to consider before picking up your phone. These are just some of the criteria you might want to consider before selecting a company that will take care of your air ducts and HVAC system.

License and Insurance

The first thing you should know when searching for an air duct cleaning provider is if they are licensed to operate. Having a license shows that the company is eligible to be in operation. Do not consider unlicensed or unauthorized companies. Check their papers closely to see their legality. There might be unlicensed companies that offer low rates, it is highly possible you might get scammed. There are lots of cleaning providers that are permitted to operate and they are what you need.

Insured air duct cleaning companies are also important in considering a company. They offer reimbursements in case of damages caused during the cleaning process. They also cover hospital bills in case of an accident. You just need to find out if their insurance is up to date.

Service Inclusions

Bear in mind that providers cleaning your air ducts doesn’t end there. The process should be neat and organized so that the interior of the house will not be affected by the cleaning. Before having their services, know what tools and equipment they use and the process of cleaning so you will have an idea as to what to expect from their service. Almost all air duct cleaning companies include initial duct check-ups, surfaces and furniture protections, damage repairing, sanitizing, and disinfecting.

Cost of Service

Air duct cleaning advertisements are everywhere. The question is, will it be the actual price after the service is done? Some air duct cleaning companies charge more than what was initially agreed upon. This is because there might be damages that needed fixing or parts of the system that had to be replaced. It’s actually normal since the initial price is solely for cleaning the air ducts. What you need to do is try to compare the service and quotations of companies. Then you decide which company can provide you with the most satisfying combination.

Service Guarantees

Many air duct cleaning providers offer guarantees. They’ve been in the industry with years of experience that promise the best result possible. This is what you need to look for. The confidence of knowing they can do the job well. Giving guarantees also makes you feel at ease that if something happens, days, weeks, or months after the service, they are more than willing to come back and fix what went wrong unintentionally. It would be much better if you find a company that can guarantee much longer. Just make sure you understand the whole agreement.

Protective Measures from Wastes

Air duct cleaning is the process of eliminating dust, dirt, debris, and other harmful particles that were accumulated inside your air ducts. This process can expose your home to these allergens and irritants. A lot of cleaning providers use floor mats, corner guards, and wall covers to protect your house from these wastes. They also make sure that during the air duct cleaning process, they completely seal any cracks or holes so that nothing can escape. If you are looking for a cleaning provider, ask them what materials and processes they use for your home’s protection.

Ratings and Reviews

All air duct cleaning companies have web pages and social media accounts. Using these platforms, check out their ratings and some reviews about their performances. Expect that there will be lots of negative feedback too, but that’s normal. This bad news can turn into a positive outcome. Negative reviews make a company do better. Pick a company that is reputable from the clients’ views. This will serve as a reference before you decide which air duct cleaning provider is right for you. You can also ask a friend for a recommendation.

There are other ways you can search for the right air duct cleaning company. These are just some tips if ever you are having a hard time choosing. Nevertheless, there are many good air duct cleaning companies out there. As for my recommendation, check out my go-to air duct cleaning provider, Sem’s Duct Cleaning. I’ve been their client for many years now and they are reliable, efficient, and skilled. Check out their website for more information.

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