Prepping Your House for Holiday

July 25, 2019Back to blog
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Summer serves as the ideal time for a lot of people to up and goes on vacation due to the convenience of school breaks and conducive weather. Research shows that around thirty-five percent of citizens embark on holidays during this time of the year, which is more than a quarter of the entire country. On average, a vacation costs more than five thousand dollars to plan and execute, which means many people have to save up for the event. After spending a lot on a getaway, it would be convenient to know that you are controlling costs on both ends while still enjoying yourself. Professional air duct cleaning in Markham points out how you can save some coins in your home while away on your holiday.

Understanding the Drain

Nearly every homeowner is faced with an energy bill at the end of the month. Most people think that devices such as smartphones and tablets drive up these costs with their constant charging demand and desktops’ need to be continuously plugged into function. However, it is not the case. On average, smartphone and tablet charging accounts for only twelve cents of your electricity bill per year while PC gadgets account for about eight dollars. Therefore, you should drift your focus to appliances that actually spend big energy and can make a difference, such as your HVAC system.

HVAC systems are an essential part of almost every home since they control the circulation of heated and cooled air to maintain a conducive environment within the house. These units are among the significant things that count when it comes to saving energy since they account for almost forty-eight percent of power usage. Therefore, you can imagine just how much you would be offloaded from your energy bill if proper measures are taken to ensure not as much is spent when you are away.

Controlling the Situation

You may think that not much can be done while you are on holiday, but some simple steps can save your wallet from a big dent when your energy bill is sent at the end of the month. The first step you can take is by turning off the system before you take off. Alternatively, you can turn down it’s functioning so that it does not cool or heat with as much intensity as it does when you’re away. Depending on the region you live in, take time to determine the ideal temperature your home will need to remain in so that humidity levels do not get too high or too low that you come back to problems that will need time and money to fix.

Also, have a Markham duct cleaning service come in and perform a maintenance check to see whether the appliance is dirty and requires cleaning to function properly. Ensure you take time to choose a reputable firm such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning so that the job is done in top-notch quality.

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