The Significance of Interior Air Quality

July 10, 2018Back to blog
woman breathing fresh air

Clean air is fundamental to our well-being since we depend on it for existence. It may be difficult to control the open-air environment against allergens but possible to control the interior against airborne contaminants, after all, most people spend their time indoors. Comprehending and monitoring common impurities that can occur in the house provides proper insights on how to lessen health risks associated with unclean interior air.

Common interior air pollutants include:

  • Second-hand smoke: When a member of your family is a regular smoker, then the risks of developing asthma or ear infections increases because without a proper AC the contaminants are not ejected from the air.
  • Radon: it is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has been identified as being the second leading cause of lung cancer in homes, it penetrates through cracks or holes from the foundation. It occurs through the breakdown of uranium soil or rock plus water.
  • Burning Contaminants: including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide: These are colorless gases that occur from the combustion of materials using fuel in an improperly vented appliance such as space heaters, wood stoves, gas cookers, water heaters, dryers, and hearths. They may interfere with our bodies consumption of oxygen and bring about headaches, light-headedness, nausea and worst case scenario result to death.
  • Fur from pets or intruder animals

Immediate Implications

Other health complications come after a result of prolonged contact with toxic air conditions while some only reveal themselves due to prolonged contact. Some instant symptoms are such as irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, light-headedness as well as exhaustion. Most of these instant implications are remediable through immediate elimination of the possible allergens triggering these symptoms. Sensitivity to these toxins varies from one being to another depending on their sensitivity level, previous medical conditions or age.

Long-term Implications

Recurrent contact with these contaminants may cause other health complications such as cancer, heart disease, or other respiratory illnesses. It’s tough to conclude what concentration of these pollutants results in such effects, it’s, therefore, crucial to always ensure the air in your premises is tested and checked to ensure no harmful components are airborne.

As we have seen airborne contaminants cause adverse conditions that may result in death it is therefore essential to reduce the rate of contamination in the environment by all means possible. Conducting regular air quality tests to determine the purity of the air is one step to avoiding these effects. Having your air vents cleaned at least once a year gets rid of dust, debris or mildew that may have accumulated over prolonged use of your AC. Etobicoke Air Duct Cleaning Company is the leading air system cleaning service provider in Canada offering solutions to a cleaner HVAC system in your house.

Our clients have benefited from having us check and maintain their air system.  our core interest is to provide exceptional service and ensure our clients live long healthy lives to benefit from our service.

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