When and How Frequent to Clean your Air Vents

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Few people take care of their air ducts after installation. This way, their air conditioners consume more energy as a result of dust insects or debris collecting in the vents thus affecting its efficiency.  Cleaning these air ducts improves the atmospheric condition of your house. Poorly maintained vessels may affect occupants with respirational complications as it leads to suspension of dust or allergens in the environment whenever the AC is switched on.

Despite having the most efficient filters, debris can still gather on them hence some particles penetrate to the air or enter by other means. The regularity of sanitizing air ducts depends on your surroundings, that is, areas with high pollution levels or close proximity to construction sites should have their vents cleaned on a regular basis since the atmosphere is likely to be saturated by particles.

 Number of Times to Clean the Vents

Ideally, air systems should be skillfully exenterated every two or five times a year. Changing the filter regularly reduces the need for an expert duct cleaning system. If you have never changed the air filter in three years or more yet the AC is on and working, then organize for this a cleanup as soon as possible.

 When to Clean Your Air Channels

Vacuuming an entire HVAC system doesn’t take long compared to installing a new system. However, it’s essential to schedule for a cleaning service in a period when you least use the AC, for the most part in spring or during early fall.

  • The following are signs that indicate that your ducts need cleaning
  • Dirt settling or blowing through the vents
  • Presence of mildew inside the ductwork
  • Evidence of rodents or pests
  • Dusty or musty odor when the AC is on

The best time to clean the AC duct:

 During a rainy season – Particles in air settle down when it rains hence no debris or dust particles settles onto your air duct during cleaning.

Cooler Temperatures – Pollen is often fueled by hot temperatures; it’s hence wiser to do cleaning during the cooler temperatures as you’ll not be using the AC hence dust in the vessels will be settled making it easy for air duct cleaners to extract debris to a sealed container.

End of Spring – Pollen is normally low at the end of spring hence a suitable time to switch off your ac and open the windows for air to come in. This period is appropriate since you can work without the AC thus giving the cleaners a chance to work on your Air cooling system.

When allergies have increased – Increased sensitivity to allergens in the air is a signal that the air vents need to be cleaned, this is noted through increased sneezing or coughing which you occasionally don’t experience.

It is usually vital to have the expert cleaners show you the amount of dirt collected after cleaning, this way one is certain the job is done.

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