Common Conduit Cleaning Cons

January 24, 2019Back to blog
Aurora Air Duct Cleaners services

It may look like a good deal to make use of the conduit cleaning coupons, but in the end, it may not be worth it. When it comes to this process, plenty of unreliable moving companies always offer some of the best deals. When the job is done properly, washing the vents takes a lot of care and attention. It can be a taxing duty and isn’t as straightforward as some of those coupons may paint it out to be. To completely go through the entire system and get to the hard to reach parts, and to make sure that every section is clean, one needs to take their time, and also to have knowledge of how to go about it and the proper supplies.

Where most people go wrong is that they assume that all companies give the same quality of work, just because they seem to be offering the same thing, and the only difference is how much each will charge you for the labor. One easy way to spot fraudsters is that they will give you a dream package, mostly at a very low cost once you ask for an estimate. On the other hand, legitimate ones such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning will look like they are more expensive, but once you do your research, you will see that this is the case because they will have the proper equipment, and the skill to make sure the air vents are cleaned and are functioning properly.

To be on the safe side, make sure you contract professionals, confirm that the crew is certified and that they have a good reputation. Nonetheless, some coupons are legit, but just in case you still have no idea how to distinguish them, here are three ways by Aurora air duct cleaning services to assist you.

  1. Air duct cleaning bait and switch

One gets a good deal through the phone, and after the crew arrives, they go on to do a shoddy job, asking for extra cash to provide other services. The bad thing about this is that even though you accept to pay them, they still will not perform satisfactorily.

  1. Quick and dirty pipe con

Companies that give cheap deals will set up numerous home visits, with the aim of getting more money at little effort. What they do is put up a show of cleaning the pipes for a little while, and then quickly washing the parts that are visible to you. Since they did not get rid of any of the debris, the system ends up worse than before.

  1. Mold inspection rip-offs

You can come across a very good coupon deal, and get in touch with the crew and plan a home inspection. Once they arrive, they will pretend to look through for signs of mold, and they end up finding it. After they do, they end up charging you a lump sum. Such frauds never come with the intention of simply washing the conduits as they want to extort more cash from you. Thus, what they do is pretend to find mold, whether it is there or not so that they add to the expenses. Some even carry the impurities with them to plant them or carry out fake tests.

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