Examples Of Contaminants Gathering In Your House

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When one thinks of air pollution, smog, brown haze, ozone, or just dust comes into mind, especially during summer. However, the fact is that when it comes to households, the indoor air could be just as heavily polluted as the outside one. Through the years, indoor air pollution has become quite the problem. This is because the amount of the different types of allergens has increased significantly, making it not only a health hazard but also increasing the utility bills since more energy is required to filter it. Sem’s duct cleaning has listed down the various contaminants one could expect in their residence.

  • Dust:

    this is the main source of pollution in the house, and affects individuals the most, especially those with hypersensitivity and respiratory illnesses such as asthma. Over time, our homes gather up a huge amount of allergens and chemicals. Indoor air is mostly polluted by things such as skin cells from the folk living there, skin cells from pets, kitchen oil, parasites, microorganisms and even family chemicals. Also, dust also has some amounts of soil, which gets in through windows, vents, and debris from dust mites is what causes allergic reactions when this dust is inhaled.

  • Animal Dander: 

    most people are allergic to pet dander and fur, and it may trigger some very severe allergic reactions. Most people assume that this isn’t a problem for them because they do not own or keep pets. However, the reality is that people who own pets tend to leave dander anywhere, and everywhere they go, and it is therefore impossible to completely stay away from it. Apart from dust and pet dander, another major toxin is unpredictable chemicals. These mostly originate from cleaning materials, antiperspirants, sprays, paint, etc.

  • Fire retardants:

    these are the chemicals that are used to put out fires or stop their spread. Most of them originate from thermoplastics, materials, and a chemical known as radon is also seen as a health threat with quite some radon- prompted lung problems currently going on as a result of low to medium measurement exposures in the house. This chemical is now seen as the second most crucial reason for lung cancer, after smoking. With all this information at hand, getting indoor air free of pollutants and impurities now becomes a major concern for homeowners, who then seek out ways to keep the air fresh and fit for human consumption.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, other impurities may find their way into the house through new cover cleaners, pieces of furniture or maybe from a new paint job. No matter what, indoor air contamination should be taken very seriously because even though its effects may not be felt immediately, it does have long-term ones. To help with this, one should contact professional air vent cleaners such as Maple air duct cleaning services, to check through the pipes and make sure they are well maintained and cleaned.

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