Type of Interior Air Pollution That Could Be Present in Your Home

August 20, 2018Back to blog
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Air in your home, workplace or school area can be contaminated with contaminants such as smoke chemicals or small particles. The quality of air in the indoor environment affects our well-being than the ecological. Households use air conditioners to distribute heat or cool air in airtight spaces with very little ventilation, hence detergent, cooking gases and chemicals are likely to accumulate in this spaces leading to increased concentration of pollutants in the indoor environment. Contaminants such as cigarette smoke, radon, pesticide, asbestos, and carbon monoxide end up being trapped inside the building leading to breathing complications for people who are irritant to allergens. They may cause complications such as asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning, lead poisoning, cancer of the lungs. However, the majority of people feel better as soon as these pollutants are removed. It is crucial to understand the kinds of air toxins that occur in the indoor atmosphere especially if you spend most of your time indoors or have people who are constantly in your house.

Carbon Monoxide

  • It’s an odorless gas that is produced due to incomplete burning of fuels. It stops your body from absorbing the oxygen it needs to function, the symptoms one is likely to experience are tiredness, head pains, dizziness, confusion, nausea, or increased heartbeat. It can cause death in high concentration. This can be avoided by ensuring your heating systems are checked by professionals periodically to ensure there is complete combustion in these elements. Avoid combustion appliances without vents and never use gas stoves to heat your house.


  • It’s an odorless gas known to occur naturally, it’s produced when uranium breaks down in the earth. It penetrates through the foundation of a house and being exposed increases the risk of lung cancer. To avoid this, make sure your home is well elevated such that the gas does not find its way into the house. It‘s also essential to hire professionals who will come with a screening kit to identify the presence of this gas.

Nitrogen Dioxide

  • It’s a toxic corrosive gas that occurs due to poor combustion, they irritate the lungs and mucous membrane. The gas can occur from poorly installed ovens and stoves such that gases do not burn completely. Confirm that your piece of equipment is correctly installed and that air flows outwards.

Secondhand Smoke

  • If there’s a smoker at home chances are that your home is polluted by tobacco chemicals that occur from incompletely burnt tobacco. Exposure to second and smoke can lead to Wheezing, pneumonia, bronchitis asthma attacks and lung cancer. What you can do to prevent this is restrict smoking inside the house at all times.

Lead Particles

  • It may be present in house paint and is very toxic and could cause damage to the nervous system, kidney, as well as red blood cells. Children exposed to lead are likely to have retarded growth, short attention spans as well as behavioral problems and low IQ. Although the use of lead in paint was banned, if you live in a house that was painted a long time ago ensure the floors are regularly mopped and children playing areas are kept clean. Maintaining hand hygiene is also one way to avoid suffering from lead poisoning.


  • There are various types of fungi and mold that grow indoors. Mold can trigger an allergic reaction and cause nasal stuffiness, eye, and throat irritation, coughing, and sneezing. These indicators can lead to fever and trouble breathing. Fix leaks and clean up spills ASAP ensure appliances that create moisture are well vented to prevent mold from developing. Alternatively, you can hire Toronto HVAC cleaning services who will do a thorough air vent cleaning leaving your indoor air clean.

There’s a wide range of impurities that occur in the house to prevent those with serious effects it’s important to hire professionals like Sem’s Duct Cleaning company that ensures your vents are services, maintained and cleaned. We do inspections to ensure your home is not at risk of pollution as a result of poorly installed appliances.

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