The Influence of Vents on Dryers

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Dryers are an essential inclusion in most homes to keep garments dry after a wash. These devices’ efficient operation is dependent on the addition of vents. These channels are put in place to direct the moisture from clothes and heat being generated outside. This function is supported by the inclusion of a suction force that also works to expel lint from clothes. There have been cases of people asking whether these devices can run without the pipes or not. In nearly all cases, vents need to be included in dryers for them to run as they should.

Dangers of Operating Ventless Dryers

Operating a dryer when a vent is not in place exposes not only the device but also you and your property to risk. Some of these dangers include:

  • Mold

This fungal organism is everywhere, and nearly everyone breathes it in and out every day. However, it usually exists in small amounts that make it harmless. However, it can become a problem if your vent is not running properly. The clogging or lack of this component causes moisture to be deposited in parts of the house, which create a conducive environment for the fungus to breed. Not only can it result in a foul smell but also breathing difficulty. Therefore, it is best to have moist air directed outside rather than indoors.

  • Exposure to carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide stands among the gases that are produced by a running dryer. When left to accumulate indoors, it can be poisonous to the occupants in the house. The gas has been known to cause death when left to increase to toxic levels.

  • Fire

When a vent is not working properly or not put in place at all, the lint that is pulled from clothes remains in the machine channels. The accumulation of this material over a long period can result in a fire once the temperature of the machine rises while running. Such an incidence could result in a lot of damage to your belongings and yourself as well.

Staying Safe with a Ventless Dryer

Even with a lot of advocation for the use of a vent in a dryer, there are ways one can get around operating the device despite its absence. With the application of some safety measures, you can rest assures that your appliance will not be causing any trouble. Some of these tricks are:

  • Keep lint in check

Usually, lint would pass through the vent and out into the air. However, with the lack of the channel, the substance would be released into your home. Therefore, it is advisable to install traps that keep the material from getting into the atmosphere. When using this technique, it is essential to clean the traps regularly as leaving the lint in place could cause a fire.

  • Have proper ventilation

Moisture and gases are bound to be released by your dryer when it is running, and they settle in the room if not let out. These elements can be cleared by opening the doors and windows for the period that the machine is in operation.

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