Tell-Tales of a Boiler in Need of Repair

June 18, 2019Back to blog
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Boilers play a crucial role in supplying hot water in the house, making them among the most essential elements to have, especially during the winter. Despite the vital role played by this appliance, most people do not pay attention to ensure it is well-maintained throughout the year. In some cases, people spot issues but they assume them, and it only becomes worse for their livelihood and pocket. Sem’s Duct Cleaning, one of the leading King City HVAC cleaning services, provides some indicators you can use to tell that your boiler requires the attention of a professional.

Weird Smell

A properly functioning boiler should not produce smells of any kind. If you discover an odd odor originating from the device, ensure that you reach out to an expert in the field as soon as possible. In most cases, these strange smells are as a result of gas leakages that can affect not only the functioning of your boiler but also the health of the residents in your house.

Strange Noises

Boilers, especially the latest models, operate in silence. Any unusual noises from your boiler could mean that an element is out of place. Like with the smell, the best solution is to have a professional come in and take a look at it. More often than not, these noises are a result of deposits of sludge and iron. Leaving them as they are causes the water to distributed unevenly and can even make the device stops running.

Leaking Water

Despite the size of a water leak, the danger it poses should push you to have it fixed as soon as you spot it. Leaks can result in something as small as corrosion to more significant issues like damage of pipes that will end up costing money to replace.

Lack of Heat

Having an airlock or damaged part in the boiler can cause it to stop producing hot water. You may also find that the water level is too low for it to be heated. Either way, get a professional to take a careful look at it, determine the issue, and recommend the best step forward.

Broken pilot light

The pilot light is a vital inclusion in the boiler since it helps light up the large burner that heats the water before it can be used. The pilot light is easily visible in most of these appliances, so you can regularly check whether it is still on. An expert should inspect a pilot light that is off and cannot be relit as it could reveal a big problem with the device.

Boilers that are maintained in the best condition possible work as they should without the consumption of a lot of fuel. Even if your boiler does not have any issues, it is advisable to call in a professional for inspection every year.

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