Why Your Air Exchanger Could Be Overworking

October 22, 2018Back to blog
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The air chiller ought to operate only when it is extremely hot outside. The warmer it is, the more the air cooler needs to be in operation to have the house at the proper heat conditions.

If the air conditioner is operating for long periods of time when it is hot, it is an indication that it is performing well. Even in this case, one ought to hear it go on and off occasionally.

Some signs could indicate that the system is not working well.

  • It does not go off but instead runs all through
  • The electricity price is too much, yet you are running the apparatus normally
  • The house does not get chiller regardless of how low the regulator is

Various things could make the air conditioner to operate for a longer time than usual.

  1. The system is lodged

The equipment requires a good gush of air. If the flow of air in and out of the air conditioner is hindered, its operation will be labored.

The factors that could encumber the passage of air are:

  • A grimy, gridlocked air filter
  • A damaged motor
  • Conduit leaks
  • Sealed or clogged outlets

One can confirm if this is the case by lifting their hands to the open outlet. If there is cold but frail airflow, then there is a problem.

Disconnect the ventilator straight away and swap the filter that is found in the heater. Secondly, ensure that all outlets are not clogged.

If doing this does not help, you should consider calling Thornhill duct cleaning services.

  1. Unclean Evaporator Coils

Refrigerant runs via the evaporator coils and soaks up the heat from the atmosphere around your house. When the air ducts are not dirty, then this happens without a hitch.

When too much filth and sludge accrues in the ducts, it will be difficult for heat absorption to take place.

  1. The Coolant is leaking

Having little coolant in the air chiller causes it to run more frequently to try and compensate. The coolant should remain at a constant level throughout its operation. Low levels indicate that there is a leak. If the home’s temperature is not dropping, the air conditioner is making whistling noises or has frosty accumulation on it then there is seepage.

  1. Swap the Air Cooler

Machines are not built to last temporarily. Most of them have a shelf life of fifteen years especially those that are serviced every year.

The older it is, the more it will need to stay running to perform well. Regular maintenance of an old air conditioner will be costly, and so it would be better to get a new one as an alternative.

  1. The apparatus is small

If the air conditioner is not the right size for the above, it may need to take more time to keep the hotness of the abode low. In this case, the machine will be overworked, and this will mean additional maintenance.

The only way to fix this concern is to purchase an air conditioner that is big enough for your house.

In case of any maintenance requirement, you can contact Sem’s duct cleaning.

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