Indicators That Air Vents Are Grime Free

October 05, 2018Back to blog
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Checking if the air duct in the abode require to be cleaned is as easy as opening up the duct and looking for any traces of grime, mold or filth, and also checking if the air filter is clogged due to the buildup of impurities. If you do find that this is the case, then it is time to get an expert to clean them. However, it is trickier to know if they are still in top shape, especially if it has only been a couple of months since they were washed.

Unionville air duct cleaning has some ideas on how one can go about this. As a start, you could examine the filter and duct lids and see that they are clear and have almost no dirt in them. After that, examine the heater and look at its heat exchanger surface. You should find that it is still clean. The blower edges should also have no oil or grime on them, same as the blower box, which should be free of any dirt.

The next step is to go over the air conditioner. Start with its coil and look for any filth specks. Take a flashlight and point it over the cooling coil: the light should penetrate through to the other side. For the coil fins, see to it that the gap in the middle of them is even and straight. After that, go over the coil drain pan and make sure that it is functioning as it should be and draining, even though it might not have any grime.

Just in case the HVAC structure has forced air, then you will require to examine the plenums too. These should have appropriately placed filters. Look at the supply air plenum for any indicators of moisture, soils or impurities. The return air plenum needs not to have debris and muck as well.

It is always important to try and maintain the ducts and keep them in good condition between checkups. For this, one should apply the following:

  • Replace your air filters time and again
  • Certify that all the vents have the correct filters
  • Wash, wipe and vacuum the house on a regular basis
  • Operate a humidifier or dehumidifier as necessitated
  • When you turn on the air conditioner, have a look at the cooling coils
  • Confirm that all the conduits are well covered

Contact Sem’s Duct Cleaning if you have any inquiries concerning the air outlets in your home or office. Our service has been in the profession for over thirty years, and we have a proficient crew of experts who will make sure the air circulating in the living quarters is fresh and impurity-free. This process has been proven to be the best way to keep off any allergens, consequently keeping everyone’s health in top shape.

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