Indicators that your Heater Requires Maintenance 

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A furnace is a device fitted in a household for the purpose of keeping your house warm during cold seasons. However, it needs frequent maintenance and checks from professionals to ensure they do not fail when a need arises. Moving into a house with a heater is an added advantage since you won’t undergo the costs of installing one yourself. However, it may be outdated and requires repair if not a replacement. In this blog, Sem’s Duct Cleaning will guide you on ways to detect when your furnace needs servicing.

Orange, Yellow Flame

A working heater exhumes blue flames. Flickering yellow flames is an indication that the pipes are either rusty or extra air is being combusted, the presence of soot at the conduit, or presence of moisture in the pipes is another indicator for a faulty heater. Call for professionals to fix the furnace in case of such observations.

Bizarre Noises

A weird sound from the blower is a clear indication of a furnace that should be repaired. A blow, scrape or bang whenever it’s turned on then that is an indicator of a faulty appliance.

An Untrustworthy Regulator 

A regulator works by signaling your HVAC system when to control the temperatures such that it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you have to manually adjust temperatures of your regulator, then it’s a clear indication of a broken system and that it needs to be checked by an expert. This could be as a result of loose wiring or tripped circuit breakers which exposes you to the risk of electric shock hence requires trained personnel to handle it. Contact Sem’s Duct Cleaning or an HVAC expert you trust to check the regulator for you.

Increased Electricity Bills 

Unexplainable amplified electricity charges are a clear indicator for a faulty system. There could be a problem with the ductwork. Hire Thornhill HVAC cleaning specialist with the proper gear to identify the issue and advice on the next steps.

Heater Blowing Cold Air 

If your heater is gusting cold air instead of hot air that means there is a problematic thermocouple or pilot light are faulty. These are devices that need the attention of an expert as they are delicate textures that must be handled by someone who is knowledgeable.

Recurrent or Endless Cycling 

Repetitive cycling is a sign that your heating system is over cycling, meaning it’s working further than it should. This could mean a clogging within the filter, problems with the thermostat or improper circulation of air. As recommended it’s wise to contact a professional to deal with such issues.

Your Furnace has seen better days 

On average, a heater can be functional for at most 15 years, meaning it can die at 13 or even live to 20 years. To ensure an extended lifespan, be swift with repairs and always ensure a qualified individual handles your furnace to avoid further damages.
To avoid having occasional cold nights, it’s only right if you pay the right people to check and repair your furnace. Sem’s Duct cleaning offers the best and most effective solutions for air heating and cooling appliances by providing you with diagnosis and solution to your system. We are a trustworthy company with well-trained technicians who will handle your heater with care whenever it portrays signs of breaking down. With our duct cleaning services, you can be sure to get a few additional years with your Heater.

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