6 Tips for Choosing a Duct Cleaning Company

October 03, 2022Back to blog

If you’re worried about the quality of air inside your home or your electricity bills have increased, you’re probably thinking about hiring professionals to inspect your HVAC system and do a thorough clean-up.

However, finding a company that performs dependable residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Toronto and the area is not an easy task. If you’re worried about how to choose among numerous companies and find the one that’ll do what’s promised, read on for some tips.

How do I choose a duct cleaning company

How do I choose a duct cleaning company?

When you notice the clear signs your HVAC system needs to be sanitized, you want to find a trustworthy company to perform it in a detailed and hassle-free way. However, make sure to avoid the most common mistake of hiring one of the first companies you come across. 

It’s crucial to research as many companies as you can, making sure you choose the one that shows good signs. The signs to look for include:

1. Website

Learn about the company by going through its website and services. The site should be presentable and easy to use. Apart from that, it should also clearly show all the necessary information, such as how to schedule an appointment or how to get an estimate. Trusted companies usually have a professional, modern, and user-friendly website.

2. Reputation

It’s important you define the way the company in question treats its customers and whether the clients respect it. Look through the testimonials, reviews, and referrals if possible. Choose the companies that have been in this business for a long time. This means there is a reason for their success and survival in the market.

3. Insured vetted 

This is a job only a qualified and capable professional can perform. Make sure your company hires only trained, experienced and reliable pros. They should be fully insured, certified, as well as licensed. For example, without the proper insurance, you won’t be covered in case an accident happens. You want a company that performs the job safely and legally.

4. Hiring and screening process

Your go-to company has to have a proper and thorough screening process. Check whether they run background checks on their employees and whether their staff is properly trained. You want professionals completely capable to provide you with the service you need and deserve.

5. The cleaning process

Check what chemicals, equipment, and methods they use when cleaning up the vents. You can also ask them to tell you about the usual duration of the process. Learn about the services they offer and whether they try to tailor a customized plan for every customer.

6. Do they offer estimates?

You want a company that values transparency and offers free quotes to their clients. It’s important you know exactly what you pay for. In order to be able to properly compare quotes, request an estimate from at least three different companies.

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Who offers reliable residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Toronto and the nearby area?

If you want a company that checks all the boxes, Sem’s Duct Cleaning is your right choice. Whether you own a residential or business facility and want to thoroughly clean-up the HVAC system in it and ensure a higher level of indoor air quality, our dependable pros are at your disposal. We also offer post construction, dryer vent, and central vacuum clean-ups for your peace of mind. Hire us and reap the benefits of our detail-oriented approach, reliable methods, and quality equipment. After we’re done, your system will be thoroughly sanitized and functional for a long period of time. While you rest at Bluffer’s Park and Beach, our technicians will take care of your AC ducts in the Greater Toronto Area. Request an estimate today!